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Free DVD Packs

The winners are Kate Read, Jenny Kristensen, Chante, Michael Kristensen, Danica Siegmann, Sandra Reynolds-Rowe, Marie Lampe, Mark Hanson & Line Myklebust.  Congratulations.  The DVDs are in the mail.


Acorn Media is giving our lucky members and friends the chance to win a DVD copy of the Nordic-noir thriller series Valkyrien. The series won the ‘Best TV Drama’ award at the 2017 Norwegian TV Awards, and was released on the 4th of October.

Official Synopsis:
‘Ravn, a respected physician, is desperately seeking a cure for his dying wife, Vilma. When the hospital stops her treatment, Ravn continues working in secret. He is aided by the corrupt civil defence man Leif, a doomsday prepper and former patient of his. Deep underground, Ravn and Leif open an illegal clinic for treating off-the-grid patients. The clinic finances Ravn’s research into a cure for Vilma, while Leif increases his position among the criminal and the paranoid who live outside the welfare state.’

 Click for trailer


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