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Mon 24 Sep 23:35 Modus (2 episodes)
Inger Johanne discovers that she is being tailed and goes to Hedvig for help. The puzzle pieces slowly begin falling into place, and Inger Johanne gets an idea that makes her decide to take matters into her own hands. (M) Drama 11:35PM - 12:25AM Closed Captions Sweden

Wed 26 Sep 26:20 The Heavy Water War
This three-part dramatisation is of one of the most exciting stories from the Second World War - the Nazis’ efforts to develop an atom bomb and the Allies’ struggle to prevent it from happening. English, Norwegian and German actors portray real life characters to understand their dilemmas and challenges in this epic story, the outcome of which will determine the future of democracy. (M)0 Drama 2:20AM - 3:55AM Repeat Closed Captions Norway

Fri 28 Sep 24:50 SBS1 The Legacy (3 episodes)
At Gronnegaard, Frederik is intensely preoccupied with defending the family against all accusations, including Malik, who is charged with assault. In her grief, Gro's found inspiration for a personal project and returns home to bring it to life. (M) Drama 12:50AM - 2:00AM Repeat Denmark

Mon 8 Oct 23:10 SBS1 Valkyrien (4 episodes)
While secretly treating his dying wife, physician Ravn Eikanger runs an underground clinic installed in abomb shelter left over from the Cold War. Here he treats criminals, emergency patients, and others who can't or won't seek medical help in a regular hospital. His patients are provided by Leif Lien, a corrupt Civil Defence official with ties to the criminal and politcal underground. This chaotic relationship will drag Ravn into a world of secrecy, constant danger and profound ethical dilemmas. Navigating between darkness and light to keep up appearances in the outside world, he'll stop at nothing in the hope of finding a cure for his wife. (MA) Drama 1:10AM - 2:05AM Repeat Norway