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Sun 18 Mar 25:10 SBS2 Adam Looking For Eve (Finland)
Encouraged by her children, Stina, an entrepreneur in the cleaning industry who has been divorced for seven years, goes to the island to find a partner with whom to share her retirement. Stina is happy to meet the charming and calm Harri. The two get to know each other at their leisure until the arrival of another Adam: romantic and talkative Tom. Wanting to share her life with only one man, Stina is upset by the surprising turn of events. (MA) Entertainment 1:10AM - 2:00AM Repeat Finland

Tue 20 Mar 23:00 SBS1 Monster
Helle’s condition is deteriorating, and she knows that Jani’s innocent brother is in a coma because of her. The police superiors become even more doubtful of her abilities, but Dreyer helps her cover up what she’s done. (MA) Drama 11:00PM - 12:05AM Norway

Tue 20 Mar 24:05 SBS1 Monster

Tue 20 Mar 25:10 SBS1 Monster

Thu 22 Mar 22:25 SBS1 The Bridge
Taariq is still at large. He has recognised the car that kidnapped Margrethe Thormod, and seeks out the owner in order to extort him for money. The car owner, Morgan Sonning, says in questioning that he was robbed by Taariq, that the car was in a repair shop in Sweden on the date of the murder and that he and his wife were on a trip in Germany. A new murder at the hospital in Malmo seems to be connected to the two previous murders. Meanwhile, the girls run away from Henrik’s house. (MA) Drama 10:25PM - 11:35PM Denmark

Sat 24 Mar 22:45 SBS1 The Model
When emerging fashion model Emma gets a chance to pursue her dream of becoming an international top model, she leaves her everyday life in Denmark behind and moves to Paris. At a photo shoot in her new hometown, she meets the attractive photographer Shane White and they fall in love. But their relationship soon turns into a dangerous obsession for Emma. (MA) Movies 10:45PM - 12:40AM Repeat Closed Captions Denmark

Sun 25 Mar 25:10 SBS2 Adam Looking For Eve (Finland)
Simo from Helsinki is bored of looking for company in the city's nightlife, so a naked date on a desert island seems like an interesting option. Simo has no idea what to expect, so he is positively surprised when he meets art history student and parttime bartender Nina, from Turku. They have a lot of things in common, but are they a bit too much like siblings? The further the date on the island advances, the better the situation gets for Simo, as Laine, a tattooed beauty from Lohja, arrives on the island. (MA) Entertainment 1:10AM - 2:00AM Repeat Finland