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Fri 16 Nov 21.25 SBS2 The Rise and Fall of Nokia Mobile
The Rise and Fall of Nokia Mobile portrays the ups and downs of Nokia and the Finnish mobile phone industry from grassroots and from the aspect of the basic engineers, who made the miracle and faced the destruction. Many ended unemployed, some moved to new areas of work, but few found a new innovative entrepreneur in themselves. (M) Documentary 9:25PM - 10:25PM Finland

Sun 18 Nov 23.55 SBS1 Ride Upon The Storm (3 episodes)
A dazed and bruised Christian wakes up in a monastery in Nepal. Everything he owns has been stolen. In Denmark, August's mental state continues to deteriorate, and the anti-anxiety medicine he takes isn't working. Flashbacks from his time in the Middle East become more frequent and intense. Elisabeth discovers that Johannes has had an affair with one of his employees, and despite her otherwise open-minded understanding of Johannes' character flaws, this latest affair creates a divide between them that seems insurmountable. (M) Drama 11:55PM - 1:05AM Repeat Closed Captions Denmark

Thu 22 Nov 24.05 SBS1 Vikings (2 episodes)

Thu 22 Nov 25.45 SBS1 Denmark's War (2 episodes)